Bitcoin Therapy: Free Your Mind from the Fiat Control

nozomi hayase
4 min readDec 27, 2021


Original photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Despair and a sense of hopelessness have increased during the Covid pandemic. Depression that has recently been amplified has always been prevalent especially in the West. It has been an undercurrent of our society. Psychologists describe how unhappiness and sadness are linked to us being not in control of our lives.

The causes of these seemingly psychological issues can be found in a somewhat unexpected place –finance. Lack of one’s personal autonomy is at the foundation of the existing monetary system.

Many people believe that money is under the purview of the government and subject to democratic accountability. This is not true. It is privately owned and central banks around the world ‘print’ money out of thin air through a sly, roundabout method called ‘fractional reserve lending’.

Now, there is an alternative to this centralized money. Bitcoin is an open source public ledger backed by mathematics. It fixes the fundamental problem of our money.

With its feature of censorship resistance and permissionless use, Bitcoin empowers individuals. By addressing the root cause of our dissatisfaction in life, this technology further helps us maintain our well-being. But, before getting into its therapeutic effect, let’s first look at the functioning of fiat money and how it creates malaise in our society.

Parasitic monetary system

The international banking cartel hijacked the sovereignty of nations, turning them into their host to extract benefits. Fiat money is designed to serve the parasitic nature of the cartel. It steals our energy and life forces until we are all sucked dry.

Through inflation and taxation, our government constantly takes money that represents our work-energy. As stagnated wages have hardly kept up with cost of living, we are put on a treadmill to work long hours to just stay afloat, and keep going until we are exhausted. Also, inflation decreases our purchasing power and it encourages us to spend money quickly and go into debt in order to seek short-term pleasure without much consideration for the future.

All of this promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. We are deprived of our time to spend with our family, enjoy meals, and to engage in hobbies. Combined with poor diet and lack of exercise, and Big Pharma quick fix pill solutions, our economy systematically makes us all weak.

Our suffering and misery give the parasites nourishment. They get us hooked to the patterns of over-consumption and addiction. By devaluing our life savings, they prevent us from building our own wealth and trap us in their toxic system to remain as their food supplies.

Saving technology

Bitcoin now intervenes to break us free from this destructive cycle of debt. Unlike the parasitic fiat system, Bitcoin is a self-sustaining monetary network. There is no leakage of energy. As the hardest money that has ever been invented, it provides an efficient and secure way for us to store value earned from our labor.

Bitcoin, with its fixed monetary supply of 21 M has a built-in scarcity being tied to real resources. With issuance that decreases every four years guarantees the increase of its value. This deflationary nature that is backed into the protocol encourages saving.

The longer one holds bitcoin, the more buying power one obtains. This gives us leverage to defer instant gratification. We can now start saving and stop feeding parasites.

For so long, the legacy finance parasites have successfully gained a grip on us. While engaging us in mindless consumption, making us docile and passive, those bloodsuckers have expanded their range around the globe. By spreading lies and propaganda through mass media, the patronage network of central banking funnels our tax money to engage in resource wars and exploitation, creating harmful effects on the environment.

Claiming your sovereignty

Bitcoin provides a tool for us to resist against the fiat parasitic control. The founder of Amber, Alexs Svetski reminds us of what this fight is all about.

Now it’s a time to invest in yourself, tap into your own energy to become the powerful creator beings that you are meant to be.

Through simply downloading Bitcoin wallets, you can take the first step of claiming your own sovereignty.

Our world now might appear completely broken. But it can be fixed through each of our efforts.

By stacking sats, you can start to actively engage in creating profound changes in your life. This transformation does not end with you alone. It will unleash the potent healing force that could create a positive network effect, bringing peace and prosperity to the world.