The Bitcoin Cultural Revolution: Great Awakening Of Humanity

Crisis Of The Modern World

Hard Forking Humanity

“Build Back Better” Compilation — “The Great Reset” Montage

Common Trust vs. Decentralized Trust

Algorithmic Control Of Society

Self-Aware Universe

“May God us keep from single vision and Newton’s sleep” — William Blake

Quantum Leap For Mankind

“The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. You can read this in the earth itself. Plant forms from previous worlds are beginning to spring up as seeds. This could start a new study of botany if people were wise enough to read them. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in the sky as stars. The same kinds of seeds are being planted in our hearts.” — Hopi Prophecy




Writer, social critic and creator.

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LDNANCE DEX TOKEN( LDX) Will be Available on TarmEX on February 11, 2021, at 12:00 UTC

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nozomi hayase

nozomi hayase

Writer, social critic and creator.

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